About Silicon

In early 1994 Michal Smith and I were languishing in a carpeted glass and plastic office suite in Center City, when we happened to  drive down a desolate 3rd Street in Old City and saw a To Lease sign on a dilapidated building. We rented the building with an option to buy and within a few months we had exercised our option to buy and moved our home to the second floor of the building and our small graphic design studio to the storefront.

With about 1,000 square feet of "spare" space and being in Old Cities "Gallery Row" we decided to open a gallery. As we were so embedded in computer technology we decided to have the gallery show art that "was created or influenced by the computer". On November, 2nd, 1994 we opened our doors for First Friday with out very first show. The Small Computer and the Arts Networks art show to coincide with their Annual Symposium - think crazy computer based artists and musicians, remember this was 1994!

Since then Silicon has had over 200 shows showcasing thousands of works that somehow came from a computer. Sculpture, projections, videos, regular and not-so-regular prints you name it, if there was an artist involved and it had something to do with a computer we have shown it.

In 1996 we decided it might be fun (?) to actually print the work ourselves and by begging and borrowing we managed to buy our first IRIS printer - the stuff of legends - which cost a little more than the building and Silicon Fine Art Prints was born. We were one of only a handful of digital printers in the country.

In 1999 we opened another studio in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan/Brooklyn Bridge Overpass) - now a VERY trendy part of Brooklyn and had regular shows there for 3 years, finally closing in 2002 as another victim of the ravages to the art world of 9/11.

On this site you will find our current show and links as far back as we can find and remember. All of the works shown here are probably for sale either by us, the artist or the artists gallery so if you are interested in a specific piece please e-mail. If you were an artist featured here please drop us a line and say hello!

All works on this site are copyright Silicon Gallery and the artists 1994 - 2015.
Silicon Gallery is the original art gallery of Silicon Fine Art Prints a large format digital printmaker for artists and photographers.