Historical List of some Shows at Silicon in Philadelphia and New York

We will be adding to list and including images from our archive in due course.


November 1994

Small Computers in the Arts Network

anarchy in the arts: the techno-revolution

Art show in conjunction with the 14th Annual SCAN symposium held at the Franklin Institute. SCAN was one of the very earliest groups to investigate the potential of computer technologies in the arts. Early conferences focused more on music, but as the group expanded - and as digital tools for the visual arts became more sophisticated - they began to look at the visual arts as well. The last SCAN conference was held in 2000.

December 1994

Dennis Orlando and Gary Clark

Dennis and Gary both began experimenting with the digital medium early on and Silicon was one of the first galleries to show there work.

August/September 1995

Fractal Design Show

Featured the winners of Fractal Design Corp's international art competition - this exhibit was also shown at Macworld in Boston and the Seybold Conference in San Francisco. Visit the Fractal Design Gallery for a sense of the work in this show.

October 1995

Intersculpt '95

Our most ambitious show of digital sculpture in conjunction with the Computer Sculpture Forum (USA) and Ars Mathematica (France). During the show we had a video link with our sister gallery in Paris (Gallerie Graphe) and visitors to the galleries could take remote control of a camera and "look around" even though the galleries were 3,000 miles apart. Intersculpt is still going on in 2015.

November 1995

SCAN - Digital Passion

SCAN art show in conjunction with the 15th annual symposium held at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

January 1996


Philadelphia's International Contemporary Art Competition of Old City show of digital art winners.

February/March 1996


ENIAC, the worlds first computer, had it's 50th birthday party, attended by Vice President Gore and Silicon Gallery held a special show to help the celebrations.

May 1996

Serban Epuré

One man show

December 1996

Deena des Rioux

One woman Show

February 1997


Exhibition presented in conjunction with W.C.A. National Conference

March 1997

Alan Kolc & Michael Furman

Digital Desire - (Cars & Babes)

December 1997

Dorothy Simpson Krause, Bonny Lhotka

Lit from Within

March 1998

Bob Asman, Nancy Hellebrand-Blood, Mark Campbell, Paul Cava, Susan Fenton, Richard Harrod, Jeannie Pearce, Blaise Tobia

Silicon, Silver and Light

May 1998

Various Artists

The Digital Canvas, Digital creations on a 15" square of canvas

June 1998

Ruth West

Savage Women

November 1998

SCAN 1998

Winners of the Small Computers in the Arts Network show including Jeannie Pierce, Mel Fisher, Will Montgomery, Robert Michael Smith, Harris Fogel, Steve Belkowitz

February 1999

Tom Porett





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